What is the Timeline for Surrogates?

A surrogate helps everyone to enjoy the gift of children. They allow for people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to conceive children for whatever reason get a loving bundle of joy to call their own. Agreeing to be part of the process for an individual or couple in need is one of the most selfless and admirable things that a woman can do. You may be wondering what the timeline for surrogates looks like, so let’s take a look.

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What is the Surrogacy Timeline for Intended Parents?

There are bound to be many questions that come with the surrogacy process, for both intended parents and surrogates alike. One of the questions we get asked a lot is how long the surrogacy process will take. People want to know “what is the surrogacy timeline for intended parents?” Unfortunately, this question can be [...]

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Tips for Bonding with Your Baby After Surrogacy

One of the best things about being a new parent is getting to bond with your new baby. Given that a good portion of this bonding begins with the child in the womb, many people who choose to build their family in non-traditional ways – such as surrogacy – often wonder how they can [...]

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Why Oregon is a Top Destination for Surrogacy

There are no laws in Oregon that restrict surrogacy, making the state a surrogacy-friendly one. There are several other reasons that make Oregon a top destination for surrogacy and building a family. Surrogacy is Legal in Oregon The simplest and most important reason is that Oregon has no laws restricting surrogacy. There are no [...]

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Is Surrogacy Legal in Washington State?

Surrogacy helps many couples who are unable to conceive a child naturally – particularly infertile men/women and same-sex couples – to get the baby they have always dreamed of having. With surrogacy, a surrogate mother carries the baby to term in her womb for the couple – who are considered the legal parents of [...]

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Surrogacy Law in Oregon

The Laws Surrounding Surrogacy in Oregon Make It the Go-To State for Both Intended Parents and Surrogates. People from all over the world come to America to expand their families through surrogacy, with Oregon being the number one choice for many future parents. Surrogacy laws differ from state to state, and Oregon comes out [...]

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How to Become a Surrogate in Oregon

Surrogacy is a rewarding and beautiful experience. There are few things more selfless than sharing your time and body to help someone else in need. The ability and desire to help another family by providing the gift of life attests to your character, compassion, and integrity. Future Parent Options provides people all over the [...]

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What Is the Cost of Surrogacy in Oregon?

When a woman makes the decision to become a surrogate mother, she is often fueled by a deep sense of duty and fulfillment from bringing joy to another family. She chooses to aid another in their journey to parenthood because she wants to enrich the lives of those around her and provide the gift [...]

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9 Reasons People Use Surrogate Mothers

There are many reasons why people choose to use a surrogate mother to expand their family. It's not unusual for people to choose this route, regardless of their ability to conceive a child naturally. Despite the legalities and cost, the use of surrogate mothers is on the rise. This is thankfully due, in [...]

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