Why Oregon is a Top Destination for Surrogacy

There are no laws in Oregon that restrict surrogacy, making the state a surrogacy-friendly one. There are several other reasons that make Oregon a top destination for surrogacy and building a family.

Surrogacy is Legal in Oregon

The simplest and most important reason is that Oregon has no laws restricting surrogacy. There are no traditional surrogacy laws in the state, but there are also no laws that prohibit it.

Pre-Birth Orders

Oregon allows for pre-birth orders. These orders assign you as the child’s parents before they are born. This happens during the second trimester and is handled through an attorney. You should note that pre-birth orders are not the same as birth certificates. You must still obtain an official birth certificate after the child is born.

Birth Certificates

Speaking of birth certificates, they are another reason that makes Oregon great for surrogacy. A hospital will automatically put the name of the mother on the birth certificate, but you don’t need to worry. Just order a new birth certificate that has your names on it instead. It’s a little extra work but it’s easy to change a birth certificate in Oregon and the process can be expedited if necessary.

Oregon Grants Visas for International Parents

There are many countries that have laws against surrogacy. People from these countries often come to the US for the help they need. Oregon makes things easier for these international parents to get a visa and passport for the new baby so they can take their precious bundle home without delay.


Surrogacy is available for heterosexual and homosexual couples. Oregon also allows for a birth certificate to list two women or two men as the parents. There’s no worry at all that a non-biological parent won’t have their name on the birth certificate.

Great Choice of Surrogacy Agencies

Oregon offers a fantastic choice of surrogacy agencies such as ours. We care about the couples and surrogates we work with and are with them every step of the journey. We are experienced, understanding, and friendly. We’ve built great relationships with all of the best fertility clinics, hospitals, and OB/GYNs in the area. We are able to provide the best possible chance of completing the surrogacy process successfully.

Oregon is a Great Travel Destination

You go through the surrogacy process to get a beautiful healthy baby that’s the ultimate goal. Don’t forget that the surrogacy process may involve traveling. Future Parent Options is based in Portland, Oregon, a veritable natural wonderland. We’re right in the heart of Oregon and surrounded by nature. Take time to go fishing, rafting, hiking, and kayaking during the spring and summer, or go skiing in winter. Portland also has a bustling downtown area to enjoy during your stay.

Happy and Healthy Surrogates

Oregon is a top destination for nature lovers who want to eat right and be healthy. This is great for parents that are looking for responsible, positive, healthy surrogates. If you’re looking for a great surrogate, it doesn’t get much better than Oregon.